What we offer:

Quality training

that can help you improve your teaching skills and make your lessons more interesting and useful (news)

Good collaboration projects

projects that could help your students learn English in an easy and useful way

Up-to-date materials

materials that will help you make your lessons interesting and will also make you life as a teacher easier

Who we are:


META is a non-profit, non-governmental organization which is specialized in initiating, promoting and implementing projects aimed at improving the quality of education in Moldova.

META is fundamentally collaborative and is responsive to the diverse needs of its members throughout Moldova. No agenda from external organisations, either national or international, is represented.

META is governed by a voluntary administrative board comprised of elected members. Any support for events or projects is clearly identified as such and is not directed to salary payment.


META envisions the Education as the most important key to a prosperous society thus it must be a well thought of and a well-designed educational system which will constantly support teachers and their professional development which will consequently influence the level of development of the country.


META aims at consolidating and creating a network of teachers who support and value the importance of education and can contribute to the development of a solid educational system that would improve the quality of life in Moldova.

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