META is a unique community of teachers who has gathered over 470 members, teachers from all over the country and abroad, and a very wide community of students from all over the country who are actively involving in different projects META implements during many years.

               META is dedicating all its efforts and projects to improving the quality of teaching in Moldova. This is one of the main reasons META projects are mainly aimed at organizing training sessions for Teachers’ Continuous Professional Development. All of the training sessions are organized according to the teachers’ request and only taking into account teachers’ opinion and suggestions towards the topics that are of high interest for them.

META is affiliated and collaborates with many Associations around the world – IATEFL, TESOL, ATECR, ELTA Urals – Russia, etc. Besides the international partners, META collaborates and works with many local educational institutions around the country.

In October 2016, META Admin Board has organized an election process for regional representatives around the country. Up-till now, there are 10 nominees for the regional representatives. In the nearest future META plans to have representatives in each region of the country. This will help teachers’ community in Moldova get involved in all the projects aiming at improving the quality of teaching in Moldova.

In 2017, META Administrative Board elections will be organized. META members will have the possibility to promote themselves and become members of the Admin Board. The Admin Board elects and votes for the proposed candidates for the position of executive director and the General Assembly of Members will elect the META president.

Starting 2013 META has implemented the following projects:

META on-line CPD courses for EFL teachers(2013-present); – META International Conference for EFL teachers (2014-present); – META remote-areas training sessions(2014-present); – META 4-days training sessions(2013-present); – META English Courses for Public Sector staff (2012-2016); – META “Teach-Me” project for children from underprivileged families(2015-2016); – META National English Language Contest for Students(2016-2017): FACE Club – discussion club for students (2012-present); – META Vocational Training for University Lecturers from Moldova(2013-2016); – META Drawing Contest for students: “Studying English – Opening new doors”(April 2015);  META writing contest for students(December 2015); META Camp for Pre-service teachers (May 2016); META Camp for University Lecturers (July 2014); etc.

We are always open for new suggestion and new ideas of projects that will contribute to the quality of teaching in Moldova.

Welcome to our Community!