Project for Students

Embark on a Magical Journey with Chronicles of Narnia Contest!
Dear Students,
Get ready to unlock the doors to a world of enchantment and adventure! We invite you, brave souls of all ages, to immerse yourselves in the timeless magic of C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia. This literary odyssey awaits your creative touch in our exciting contest.
Create a Spellbinding Book Trailer or an Artistic Poster!
Express your unique interpretation of Narnia’s wonders through the lens of your imagination. Craft a mesmerizing book trailer that captures the essence of the series or design a captivating poster that transports viewers into the heart of this fantastical realm. The possibilities are as endless as the realms within Narnia itself.
Read, Reflect, and Discuss with Classmates!
The adventure doesn’t stop at creation; it begins with exploration! Gather your classmates, delve into the Chronicles of Narnia, and let the words of Aslan guide your discussions. Engage in the magic of storytelling, and share your thoughts, questions, and revelations with fellow readers.
Connect with a Native English Language Speaker!
To enhance your journey, seize the opportunity to discuss the book with a native English language speaker. Dive deeper into the nuances of the language, unravel hidden meanings, and gain fresh perspectives on the enchanting world of Narnia.
Prizes Await the Most Dazzling Creations!
The most imaginative and captivating entries will be honored with prizes that mirror the magic of Narnia itself. Let your creativity shine, and you could be celebrated as a true Narnian storyteller!
Important Dates:
Contest Submission Deadline: DECEMBER 20th, 2023
Send the works to our email address:
Unleash your creativity, embark on this literary journey, and let the Chronicles of Narnia inspire the magic within you. May your imaginations soar as high as a Gryphon’s wings!
Best of luck on your adventure!
Dear students,
This time of the year is a special time! It is time to reflect over what you have achieved during this year and plan what you want to achieve during the next year. But this is also the time of kindness and sharing!
You can become Santa for a a day!
Get together with your classmates; use one of the corner of your classroom for organising a Christmas’ Presents Box in there; bring different gifts you can donate to kids from orphanages!
If you do not know what orphanage you can donate your presents to, feel free to contact us (email:; or by phone: +37360233305) and we will do our best to help you.
Have a Great Christmas time!!!

Dear teachers and students,
We know for sure that many of our students are fond of #reading.
Well, here is a new #challenge for #students we came up with, together with our colleagues from
This #challenge is dedicated to the 125 anniversary of the #Dracula book official publication.
So, we #challenge our students to create their own version of the story in a #Comicbooks!
You can work in teams! You can invent your own ending of the story! You can use different online platforms to create the #Comicbooks about #Dracula.
The deadline for submitting the works is November the 4th, 2022!
The works should be sent to our email
The winners will get #great#presents and a free invitation to the #movies!

The #Alice in Wonderland contest, was one of the kind. The participants did a great job! Results can be found here –

Nu e deloc ușor să fii profesor! În special în momentele când trebuie să găsești cuvinte de laudă pentru TOȚI elevii, căci TOȚI SUNT FOARTE BUNI!!!
Ne-a fost și nouă foarte greu să decidem care sunt lucrările ”cele mai…..”, pentru că pentru noi TOATE SUNT extraordinare!!!
Pentru noi, organizatorii acestui concurs, TOȚI SUNT CÂȘTIGĂTORI!
MULȚUMIM ENORM pentru implicare și vom mai reveni în curând cu noutăți!
Do you want your voice to be heard?
Here is your chance! Create a one minute film on the topic #MYplanet and send it to so that it can be put on the contest list. #EarthDay
#ECOcall2020 #METAMoldova #youthaction #savetheplanet