To become a member, please follow the following steps:

  1. Pay the Membership Fee (the bank details can be found below)
  2. Take a picture of the receipt
  3. Complete the request to become a member (on the link below – CERERE-META-Membership)
  4. Make sure to have a photo of your ID downloaded on your computer
  5. Make sure to have a photo of yours (3/4) downloaded on your computer
  6. Send the completed documents from the points above to

Your membership status can be active or non-active. If you paid your annual membership fee – you are an ACTIVE Member, if you did not pay your annual membership fee – you are a NON-ACTIVE Member and you are to renew your status by paying the annual fee. 
Please note, that according to the new regulations (voted for on October 3rd, 2019) the membership cards are issued only for the members who were active participants of at least 3 events during 6 months since the application for membership. 

You can renew your membership, by simply paying the annual membership due. The due can be paid via bank transfer (in also implies additional bank transfer fees) or transferred to the card number below. 


Payment details; Detalii pentru achitare; Детали для оплаты:
Transfer bancar (банковский перевод)
Rechizite bancare/Банковские принадлежности:
Asociația Obștească  M.E.T.A
c/f 1013620012750
Cod banca – MOBBMD22
IBAN: MD41 MO2224ASV69998037100
or pay via PayPal


MEMBERSHIP Rules & Regulations

According to the decision of the General Meeting of members in April, 2015 the following rules and regulations were unanimously voted for:

  • Members of the Association are to read and be acquainted to the Association Statute and follow the main points.
  • The Association is obliged not to disclose Members’ personal data to any third parties.
  • Members’ are to be acquianted with *Unworthy conduct principle which might cause charge of unworhty conduct and censuring of the member.

* Unworthy Conduct.
It shall be deemed unworthy for any member:

1. To be guilty of conduct which in the opinion of the META
Executive Committee is injurious to the interests of the Association.

2. A member charged with unworthy conduct shall be given an opportunity
to submit in writing to the Executive Committee within one month any
observations he/she may wish to make on the charge against him/her and
the Executive Committee shall consider such observations before arriving
at a decision.
The member charged with unworthy conduct, shall be provided with the
complete details constituting the case against him/her. Furthermore, if
having requested it, the member charged with the offence shall be
entitled to
an oral hearing by the Executive Committee.

3. A member found guilty of unworthy conduct by the Executive may be
censured (such as exclusion from training sessions or events), fined,
suspended or expelled from the Association. Such a member shall have the
right to appeal to the next AGM.