Registered on the 23rd December 2013
Nr. 658

Statute of Non-Governmental Association META Moldova English Teachers’ Association
1.1. Public organization META – hereinafter called Association – is a public association, apolitical, non-governmental; nonprofit that was created on the basis of free will of the people-founders, who wish to join their forces in realization of the goals determined by the present statute.
1.2. Full name Public Association “Metodisti in Elaborarea Traininguilor Aplicate”, shortened name “M.E.T.A.”
1.3. The association is created and functions according to the constitution of the Republic of Moldova (RM), Law of the RM that deals with the public organizations nr. 937 – XIII dated May 17, 1996 and the present statute.
1.4. From the legal point of view the association is a “non-governmental organization” and a “non-profit” one.
1.5. The association acquires the quality of a legal entity starting with the moment when the statute is registered at the Ministry of Justice of RM, and receives all the rights and obligations associated with the legal entities. The association has got a stamp, logo, own financial balance, bank account in lei and foreign currency, fiscal code as well as other attributes of legal entities.
1.6. The association represents a non-governmental organization and operates on the entire territory of the Republic of Moldova. The duration of its activity is unlimited.
1.7. The association will use the entire profit from its activity to fulfill the goals describes in the present statute.
1.8. The association will not use any part of its property or income in the interests of any of its members, founders or any other particular persons.
1.9. The association will not support any political parties, electoral blocks or candidates and will not use its income or property to finance them.
1.10. The association has got a distinct heritage, necessary to ensure the activity addressed in the present statute and is responsible for its obligations regarding the heritage.