META organises events for both; teachers of English and students who
study English as a foreign language.
During the last 10 years META initiated and implemented over 20 projects
for teachers and students.
META Regional TEFL training – during which teachers from the regions of the country are invited to a one day CPD training.
META online CPD sessions – these sessions aim at providing teachers of
English the possibility to participate at the on-line sessions delivered
by ELT specialists from around the world.
META seasonal “schools” – Autumn, Spring, Summer Schools are 3-5
days-training for continuing professional development training for
English teachers. These training sessions gathered over 600 teachers
during the last 4 years.
META discussion club for students – FACE club – these discussion club
meetings aim at helping students who want to improve their English
speaking skills conversing with native speakers of English.

META National English Language contest for students – the winner of
the contest gets the possibility to pass the Cambridge FCE exam for
free. The format of the contest is also based on the international exams
format, thus all the 4 skills are examined.

For more information on the projects, please see the rubrics.